Medifast Lean and Green Meal Ideas

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If you have been taking part in the Medifast diet, then you realize exactly how fast it can help to take your weight off, allowing you to lose up to 2-5 pounds a week. The best part about the Medifast diet is that it is not a fad or just some kind of passing fancy, it is a solid weight loss program that has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980 and it can help help you get the weight off and keep it off of you permanently. If Medifast reviews are anything to go by, most dieters are really happy with the how well the program works to help them lose weight.

One of the things that many people have a difficult time with, however, is coming up with menu ideas for the Medifast lean and green meal. If you use this meal properly, however, it can help to keep you focused on the meal plan and also give you the options that you need to be able to have dinner out or to eat lunch with a client without deviating from the Medifast menu itself. If you are having a difficult time coming up with lean and Green meals, here are some ideas that should spark some creativity on your part.

Medifast Lean and Green Meal Ideas

Because each of the lean and Green meals consist of a lean protein and a vegetable, you really have a wide variety of choices for your Medifast menu and you don’t need to restrict your Lean and Green meal to dinner every day. Feel free to have it for breakfast one day and lunch on another.

You can do such things as omelettes in the morning that are made with one whole egg and five egg whites, a little bit of cheese and the required vegetable. For lunch on the go, you can try a tuna salad that is made from 6 ounces tuna, to hard-boiled egg whites and some diced vegetables along with low-fat mayonnaise. If you want some breaded chicken, you can try making a breading from the Medifast crackers and using it just like you would shake and bake.

Believe it or not, menu ideas for the Medifast lean and green meals whenever you are eating out are quite simple to come up with. Most restaurants have a healthy portion to their menu and will allow you to mix and match some lean meat with some vegetables. As long as you choose wisely whenever you are eating out, you will not have a difficult time putting together a meal that fits right in with the diet plan. Not only that, it will help to keep you sane so that you can continue on with the entire weight loss program.

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