Is Medifast Good for You?

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With so many crash diets out there, it is important to consider how healthy a particular diet really is. This becomes particularly important if you have a lot of weight to lose and so expect to be on a diet for the long term. Our bodies bounce back pretty well from short term crash diets, but if we spend too long eating poorly we’ll suffer the results.

Now that you’re thinking about going on the Medifast Diet, you want to make sure that the Medifast plan is good for you. There’s a lot about it that seems too good to be true, especially when you see the dramatic results that some dieters get, but you can definitely lose up to 2-5 pounds a week if you follow the plan.

Also, lots of folks worry about whether or not a meal replacement diet is really good for them. Shouldn’t you be eating real food?

Fortunately, Medifast has been around for a long time (27 years now) and they’ve put a lot of time into research and development of their products. The Medifast diet program is even prescribed in some doctors’ office as well, and it has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. Nowadays, the most common way to purchase it is probably from their website.

The big thing to note about the program is that if you follow the Medifast 5 and 1 plan as it was designed to be used you will get all of your nutrional needs met every day. Five of your meals will come from Medifast packaged foods and one meal will be made with fresh, whole ingredients that you shop for at your local grocery store. Each day’s worth of meals is nutritionally balanced to provide your body with everything it needs to function well, without taking any additional supplements.

High quality soy or whey proteins are the main sources of protein in Medifast foods, with the majority of products being soy-based. Soy is a completely protein with a variety of health benefits. The main benefits are that it helps to lower cholesterol and can help protect against osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, some folks may be allergic to soy, whey (a milk derivative) or both. so if you have an allergy to one or the other, then the Medifast plan might not be ideal for you. Some dieters are willing to work around their allergy since Medifast has a list of soy-free and whey-free foods so you can avoid ordering food with your particular allergen. It is just up to you whether it is worth the trouble.

There are also some health conditions which would contraindicate using Medifast to lose weight. If you have a health condition such as kidney disease, liver disease or or type 1 diabetes, your doctor will advise you against using Medifast to lose weight.

In fact, if you have any kind of serious health condition or take any medication regularly (such as diabetic medication), you really should talk to your doctor before you go on any kind of weight loss plan as some diets may not be appropriate, depending on your condition and what kind of medication you take. For example, soy protein can interfere with the absorption of thyroid medication, so you will want to check with your doctor about using a soy-based diet such as Medifast. It may be possible to still use the program to lose weight, but your doctor might recommend using more of the non-soy foods.

For most of us in good health however, Medifast will prove to be good for you and it works very well in your weight loss efforts. In fact, you’ll probably be getting better nutrition during the weight loss phase than you did previously, since a full day’s worth of Medifast foods and the lean & green meal provide complete daily nutrition.

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