Bodybuilding At 50 – Is It Safe?

February 8th, 2010 by DietGal | Filed under Exercise & Fitness.

The new craze that everyone is talking about is bodybuilding at 50. Some people in this age bracket may worry that this form of exercise may be too much for them, while others are ready to transform their old and tired bodies into something amazing. So if you are one of the latter and want to give body building a go, be assured that you can definitely do bodybuilding over 50 safely. Here’s a few tips on how:

While strength training over 40 can be a fun yet dangerous sport, you do need to be sure that you are exercising correctly and not pushing your body too hard. Injuries are all too common for people who are too confident and cocky about what they can lift and how much their bodies can take and this is especially true as your body starts to age.

The main aim is to know your limits and to make sure that you stick to them. If you feel like you are struggling then don’t go for “just one more” rep. Stop what you are doing and rest. Muscle pain is not the sign of a good workout and any muscle pain at all should be addressed properly. If you are just starting out at body building then use the lighter weights first. There is no shame in perfecting your form before you go on to heavier weights and you should not feel embarrassed by this. Once you feel comfortable that you are doing your reps correctly then you can move on to heavier weights.

If you are worried that you may have an injury or that a part of you feels slightly weak then use a support. These range from tubular bandages to full on splints that can help stabilize the muscles and bones underneath. There is no point risking an injury when it could leave you out of action for possibly months. Remember, safety first, pride later and you will be able to continue body building over 50 for years to come.

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