Lose Weight Fast with the TWA stewardess diet

April 24th, 2010 by DietGal | Filed under Diet Tips & Reviews.

Medifast weight loss planThe TWA stewardess diet is a very useful short diet designed for fast results. But how come some people still fail when trying to lose weight with it? Actually there is just one main reason there: for some reason they don’t follow the diet plan.  Here you can find five most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight with the TWA stewardess diet plan. If you can avoid these mistakes, you should be able to drop that weight quickly just in time for your big event.

1. They choose the wrong time to go on a diet
Dieting when there is something nice happening will ruin either the diet or the happening and is not worth it. The flight attendant diet lasts only for four days, so it is usually possible to find a time period without any big parties, gatherings or holidays.

2. They make changes to the diet plan
The diet only works because of the drastic cut in calories, and replacing foods in the diet plan might ruin it completely, unless you are aware of the nutritional values of the foods and know what you are doing.

3. They add something to the diet plan
Same as above: adding anything to the diet plan can completely ruin the diet. Many innocent-looking foods like diet products are actually very high on calories.

4. They are not prepared for the hunger
Low calorie diets have a downside: you will be hungry during the diet and think about food almost constantly. If you are prepared to the hunger, it is easier to cope with it. Make yourself a plan for how to keep yourself occupied during the diet to stay away from the temptations.

5. They go shopping during the diet
The groceries are made so that you would be tempted to buy something, especially treats. Take a look at the diet plan and buy everything needed before starting the diet.

Now when you are aware of these possible mistakes, it will be easier for you to avoid them when trying to lose weight fast. Good luck!

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