Medifast and Eating Out – Restaurant Tips for the Medifast Diet

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Many people fear dieting plans because they don’t know how to incorporate eating out in restaurants while on them. With Medifast, eating out doesn’t need to be a difficult issue. You can easily do the Medifast plan and still enjoy eating out at a nice restaurant for the occasional meal. All you need to do is switch the timing on your lean and green meals while making good choices.

Now, when you’re doing Medifast, you are to eat 6 small meals. Five of them will be the packaged diet meals that are shipped to you. They require hardly any work on your part. However, while they’re convenient, it’s not recommended that you only eat these prepackaged meals. Instead, you’re asked to prepare a “lean and green meal” made up of fresh vegetables and proteins once daily.

A lot of people assume that this meal must be eaten for dinner. While this is the most common practice, nothing says you HAVE to eat your main meal at dinner. You can just as easily have it for lunch and enjoy it in a restaurant. As long as you make the best selections, it will work fine and won’t affect your dieting results.

When it comes to selecting the lean and green meal at a restaurant, the requirements are rather simple. For example, if you have pork, lamb or beef, you can eat 5 ounces of it. If you choose to eat chicken, fish or turkey, you’re allowed to have as much as 7 ounces. Your serving size should be around the size of a deck of cards.  Now most restaurant portions are quite a bit larger than that, so I recommend that you cut your lean portion in half as soon as it is set before you and then just take the rest home with you for your next lean & green meal.

You’re also allowed to have 3 servings of vegetables along with your protein. You may decide to add a salad and green beans, but be sure to follow the instructions that come along with your meals. Stay away from junk food while eating out but if you choose healthy options available in most restaurants, you’ll be fine.

Don’t give in to the temptation of heavy sauces or gravies, and always get your salad dressing separately. Fast food is even possible if you choose wisely. For example, you can get grilled chicken, green beans and a small salad at many fast food restaurants. That’s a sound choice. Another great example is a lean stir fry.

There will be times that you may have to cheat just a bit. For example, quite a few fast food places have carrots as an option instead of fries. While carrots aren’t ideal for the lean & green, they are certainly preferable to French fries! So don’t worry about it too much; because for the most part, you’re going to be eating fewer calories and carbs than you normally eat when everything is taken into consideration. Everybody cheats at some point. You just need to get started again as soon as possible and forget about it. Most people blow their diet by thinking that cheating once means they should just fall off the wagon completely. But if you stick to the plan, that single cheat won’t make any real difference at all. Just keep at it!

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