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Detoxify Yourself with the Lemonade Diet

July 10th, 2010 by DietGal | Comments Off | Filed in Diet Tips & Reviews

The lemonade diet is a famous detoxification curriculum discovered by Mr. Stanley Burroughs. This diet became all the rage in the 1940s and still continues to be as popular as in those days. In 1976 “The Master Cleanser” was published as a book. This is strictly a rigorous cleansing program. Weight loss does take place, but it is not the same as fat loss. Most of the weight loss will be due to the release of body fluid.

People often mistake this diet as one type of regular weight loss diet. But the fact is almost half of the lost weight will be regained once the cleanse gets completed. This detox diet is quite difficult to follow as most human beings cannot do without solid food for any length of time. The initial days may be very tough, but it is going to make you feel a lot more motivated when the body begins to show positive results.

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